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Nhyira delves into the realms of culture, society, and power through a unique lens, drawing from her cultural heritage and kinesthetic background. Her artistic exploration often involves incorporating songs from her upbringing or movement vernacular that extends beyond traditional concert dance spaces. While Nhyira acknowledges the performative nature of dance, her primary focus is to delve deeper and tap into the innate emotions that connect humanity as a whole.

Sham! (2023)- Moving Forward Emerging Choreographer's Festival

A duet exploring the effects simulation has on the soul and body of the copier and blueprint.

shown at Bloom: Emerging Artist Festival

"Captivating and powerful. Very punchy and fierce." -audience member

photo by Jada Alfred

photo by Ella Bromblin

PRISM (2023) - Second Avenue Dance Company

 A piece that aims to explore the effects of societal structures and institutions forcing us to either relinquish parts of ourselves or assume the identity of those around us to reach what has been socially accepted as "success."

 Music by Klein, Simo Cell, and Doechii

    Dancers: Mark Aguilar, Lerato Ragontse, Jess Lemcke, Sean Quinn, Sage Sarai,

Matthew Mancuso, and Gary McCall

Costume Design by Nhyira Oforiwaa Asante

Under the mentorship of Sidra Bell

Supported by Upsurge Dance Festival

Forward (2023) :

Tisch DCA Artists of Color Showing

A duet exploring the journey of outgrowing a space and the people who once were apart of it.


 Music by Samora Pinderhuges performed live by Jade Braithwe

 Dancers: Sage Sarai and Ngozi Mokwunye

photo by Sean Quinn

Ohemaa (2021, reimagined 2022):

ORIXA Project


 A solo that explores the Foucauldian theory of discipline and power based on the Panopticon prison structure.


Music by Klein

Dancer: Nhyira Oforiwaa Asante


Winner of the 2022 Upsurge Dance Festival Mentorship Award

photo by Ella Bromblin

The Stoic Bridge (2019, re-imagined 2021):

 Battery Dance Festival


In choreographic collaboration with Kate Louissaint

​An artistic journey that seeks to bring to life Norman Rockwell’s painting of Ruby Bridges entitled “The Problem We All Live With."


Dancers: Nhyira Oforiwaa Asante and Kate Louissaint

 Music by Angelique Kidjo, Nhyira Oforiwaa Asante, & Kate Louissaint

  Featured in the Dance Enthusiast

photo by Steven Pisano

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